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[VID]1s DDPG Torcs simple scenario.mov2019-11-19 22:50 7.4M
[VID]8 Turtlebot Navigation in Rviz and Gazebo.mov2019-11-19 22:48 20M
[VID]9 Turtlebot2i Gmapping and Astar planning.mov2019-11-19 22:48 119M
[VID]a CARLA urban driving simulator, Segmentation, LIDAR simulation, high fps modes.mov2019-11-05 09:55 93M
[VID]b Astar planning in CARLA 0.9.2, town 1, arrows, fast weather modification.mov2019-11-05 09:52 116M
[VID]c SDC Astar path planning, Stanley at DARPA Urban Challenge.mov2019-11-05 09:37 8.7M
[VID]d SDC P3 learned driving with behavioral cloning.mov2019-11-05 09:45 18M
[VID]e SDC term3 Volker's 4-dim Astar path planning challenge in (s,d,v,t)-Frenet-coordinates.mov2019-11-05 09:48 66M
[VID]f SDC term3 Eric's 4-dim Astar path planning challenge in (s,d,v,t)-Frenet-coordinates.mov2019-11-06 09:00 9.3M
[VID]g SDC term3 Volker's Lane following without Path Planning, Mad Max Mode.mov2019-11-19 22:18 86M

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